Learning Philosophy

The goal at the JDMIS is to provide a solid and wide spanning foundation in Jewellery Arts and gem awareness, to build confidence in its students for them to to undertake design challenges and cross boundaries, secure in the knowledge that they have a firm grounding in every aspect of jewellery design.
We believe that in order for graduates to work as designers and jewellery professionals they are required to have a sound understanding of the holistic nature of the design discipline and to be sensitive to the cultural, economic, technological and ethical climate within which they practise. This understanding is encouraged through studio practice, industrial visits, placements, and through the theory and business modules that are integrated within the programmes.

Our programmes also recognise the value of a design education as a platform for many forms of employment, further study, research, creative practice, and self-fulfilment. The programmes encourage the development of communication ability, self-awareness, self-motivation, team working, intellectual curiosity, research skills and personal reflection to support these roles.


Development of learning capability

Of key importance at all stages of the programmes is development, within the individual, of the skills and insight associated with being a lifelong learner. In early stages of the programmes the focus is on taught delivery. Very quickly, however, students are encouraged to become more self-sufficient in their learning and focus on self-directed activities and time management.

In all of this activity, the Design staff recognise that students are key stakeholders within the programmes and that it is essential to communicate all aspects of programme operation clearly to the student body. A variety of learning strategies supports the acquisition of skills and knowledge and the environment within the School is conducive to group and individual learning.

Equally it is essential to ensure that students receive the most effective support whilst completing what is, in many ways, an extremely demanding programme of study.




JDMIS specialises in comprehensive industry-level training! We train jewellery professionals from around the region in a wide range of jewellery topics. We also help jewellery artists excel by incorporating into their work, the techniques and best practises used by the professionals! Check out our formal Diploma programmes and their modules, which are also offered as stand-along skills certifications: