Jewellery Marketing Fundamental

Not just a dazzling art form, jewellery is a billion dollar business. The marketing of jewellery has many unique challenges associated with conveying quality and trust as well as many cultural differences to overcome. Students understanding jewellery marketing learn first about marketing fundamentals and learn to interpret statistics, trends and customer research. With this information, successful and failed marketing attempts are analysed and key concepts extracted and framed in a manner beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Jewellery designers will see how they can benefit from global trends and distribution patterns.

Course Details

Course Duration : 34 hours
Course Fees : $1,700

Classes are fast paced and interactive, ensuring concepts are learned quickly, allowing students to begin marketing successfully, whether contributing to above-the-line campaigns or developing grass-roots plans that incorporate referrals, social networking, community interest and viral dispersal.

Lessons in this course of study include:

MK101 Marketing definitions and key concepts
MK102 The marketing mixMK103 External marketing environment and competition
MK104 Consumer buying behaviours
MK105 Marketing research, processes and data collection
MK106 Branding in communications and packaging
MK107 Distribution channels and channel prioritization
MK108 Above the line advertising: Objectives & media
MK109 Below the line advertising: Objectives & options
MK110 Public relations and effective use of publicity
MK111 Community and social marketing options
MK112 Marketing plans and measuring success